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Why a Consortium?

Casualty Exposures: Protected Self Insurance Program

Insurance companies view your insurance premiums as their own.

  • An alternative program allows you hold to onto the loss dollars and move the carrier further away from the risk thereby reducing costs. 

  • Carrier loss control is sometimes general and not as focused on higher education specific exposures as compared to what can be developed in your own program.

  • In a standard program, you are subject to the coverage afforded by the carrier; whereas, in an alternative program you can tailor make your own coverage document.

  • When you have a good loss year, carriers do not typically provide dividends; whereas, in your own available program funds (incl. investment income) are yours to use as directed by the membership.  In a standard program, you give up control of how claims are managed whereas in an alternative program a TPA would work on your behalf. Its your money!

About the Consortium



  • Created and conducted Higher Education Assessment for the Nazarene Church schools in 2010

  • NHERMC was founded in November of 2010 with seven members

  • Beginning in 2014, NHERMC started added other like-mined mission focused Christian college, universities and seminaries

  • Current program consists of Property, Casualty, Workers’ Compensation, Ancillary and Student and Athletic coverages

  • Each school is underwritten for their own exposures and experience; and enjoy pricing and coverage incentives of a large buying group 

Educational Programming


  • Annual Risk Management Conference for risk management and human resource personnel

  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity Program

  • Certificate Tracking and Risk Transfer Program

  • Students in Practicum Program

  • Cyber Security Assessment and Penetration Testing Program

  • Fleet Assessment and Student Driver

  • Safety Rodeo program



  • Peer benchmarking eliminates gaps and overlaps
    in coverage resulting in over 25% in savings

  • Appraisals of all property, contents and fine arts
    (including Ordinance and Law)

  • Minors on Campus Heat Mapping Study leading to implementation of on-line training, management reviews, policies& procedures and a 24/7 reporting hotline

  • Enterprise Risk Management capabilities introduced in 2016

  • Collaboration beyond risk management and insurance 

But, Is the Consortium Big Enough?


  • Not considering Property and Ancillary coverages

  • Similar to what Public Entities and Education risks from around the country have accomplished for over 40 years

  • Several Illinois Pools with members less than ten and as great as 125 have enjoyed the benefits of alternative risk financing

  • Successful experiences in managing risk, building surplus and returning dividends back to their members

  • Select group of schools that will subscribe to risk management best practices (i.e. Minors on Campus, Crisis Management, Third Party Risk Transfer, Fleet Safety, etc.) 

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